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Welcome to FutureSight!

FutureSight Technologies is a software development company that offers quality programs and websites. Our products range from small desktop accessories to high-speed browsers and native operating systems!

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FutureBB 1.1 now available!

15 Nov 2014

We are pleased to announce that we have completed FutureBB 1.1! It is a major improvement over v1.0, including a few bug fixes, a large array of new features, and interface enhancements. Them most notable features include:

  • Support for nginx and SQLite
  • A much better extension system, including the ability to uninstall extensions
  • More administration options
  • Embedding of topics
  • RSS feeds for topics and forums

To upgrade, see the product page. All you need to do is download the new ZIP file, upload the files on top of your existing installation (be sure to overwrite existing files), and then log in to upgrade the database (it's automatic).

Changing web hosts (2014)

13 Oct 2014

Later this week, we will be changing web hosts again. This will result in some downtime of the website, but hopefully it will be minimal. Once the switch is complete, everything should work normally again.

Thank you for your patience!

Webcomic Assistant v2 Released

16 May 2014

Today we released the Webcomic Assistant v2. It has the following improvements:

  • Searching the comic list
  • A donate link on some comics
  • The arrow glitch was fixed
  • Comic information is updated periodically (and can be updated manually from settings)
  • The refresh button will load the latest comic from the internet, even if it's pinned
  • The ability to name bookmarks

To update, just download the new executable from the product page and replace the old executable. All data will be preserved.

New product: Webcomic Assistant

21 Mar 2014

We recently released the Webcomic Assistant, which will let you manage your favorite webcomics.

Please note that child safety is by default set on "medium", which means that comics with mild to moderate language are still allowed, but comics with inappropriate images of any kind are blocked. If you wish to block comics with any kind of language, the child safety option is on the general settings page. The setting can also be locked, meaning an administrator account is needed to change it.

If you wish to see a comic added, please reply to this thread or contact us. Please note that when a new comic is added, it will automatically show up. No updates are necessary.

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