About us

FutureSight Technologies is composed of small group of software developers that work together to create innovative software. Our mission statement is "To simplify the lives of users through technology by providing quality software, while keeping in mind the ethical principles of honesty, transparency, and social responsibility."


  • Executive director
  • Co-head developer

Jacob is a young programmer who lives in the US. He loves web development and his favourite programming languages are PHP and JavaScript. When Jacob has some free time, going for a long run can help him clear his thoughts.


  • President
  • Co-head developer

Lorenzo is a university student with a passion for software engineering and electronics. He likes to make projects that are both useful and fun, using many tools including the .NET library and the Arduino platform. In his spare time he often plays the saxophone.


  • Treasurer
  • Developer

Stephen is the hardware techie of the group. He has been interested in computers since he learned to read, and collects more than you can keep track of. He also fancies working with money, so he works well as our treasurer. When he's not busy fixing computers, Stephen likes to play games with his friends.