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#1: 09 Jun 2013 04:56 - Edited

offline Jacob

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Since we are using incomplete software on these forums, we update it periodically to reflect the latest code. We decided that we should inform the users about what is going on with the forums.

The following things were changed today

  • Greatly improved BBCode error checking
  • Support for MySQL Standard, in addition to MySQL Improved
  • Paginated search
  • Searching in specific forums and by specific author
  • The following things were changed before today
    • Signatures can now update without causing errors
    • Smileys require a whole word match
    • [Admin] Administrators can import/export their censor list
    • Improvements to the look of the post box
    • Forum URLs can't be the same as existing page URLs
    • Online list
    • [Admin] Better maintenance features
    • Number of replies on topics
    • [Admin] Links/images are now a group-specific privilege
    • No blank subjects/posts
    • "Forgot password" button
    • Last post is shown on forum index
    • [list] BBCode

    • Jacob G.
      Executive director and co-head developer

#2: 23 Jul 2013 11:24

offline stevetheipad


Very nice :D

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