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#1: 12 Apr 2013 01:35

offline zeusking19


FutureBB is a fully functional forum software that is simple and easy to use.
It features a never seen before smart URL system that is easy to remember, instead of ID numbers.

It includes many great features, and people who have used FluxBB, PhpBB and Simple Machines will have no problems getting used to the interface.
It includes an extension system and options to theme the forums style.
It also includes BBcode support and an administration panel, with a simple installer wizard.

Overall, it is a simple but elegant solution to every forum need, and I would recommend it to people starting out a new website and dont want to go overboard with their forum system.

#2: 12 Apr 2013 02:11

offline Jacob

user avatar

We're glad you like it! In the full release, we will finish implementing extensions and language packs, and make the installer better.

Jacob G.
Executive director and co-head developer

#3: 12 Oct 2014 01:02

offline mrsrec


A-bum-bum-bum-ba-ba-bum-bum-bum! Yay For FutureBB!

Index » Reviews » FutureBB (Atom feed)

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