Cleveland Transit Privacy Policy

The Cleveland Transit application is subject to the same privacy policy as all other products (available here), with a few additions.

Location Data

The Cleveland Transit application uses location data in order to enhance the user experience. This location data is used on the "Near Me" page in order to position the map and identify nearby stops as well as on the favorites location if you check the box "Order by closeness". However, your location is not sent to our servers at any time. Additionally, this app will only use location data after asking you permission the first time. If you click "Deny" when asked for permission to use your location, your location data will not be used.

Favorite Locations

When retrieving service alerts, the lines listed under your favorite stops are sent to retrieve those alerts. Only the lines themselves are sent, not the stops or directions. This data is sent anonymously (i.e. it is not sent with any identifying information about you or your device) and is not retained after the service alerts have been sent to your device.

Stop Information

When loading a stop on the "Arrivals" page, the stop information (the line, direction, and stop) will be sent to our server to search for any escalator/elevator outages and service alerts affecting that line. This information is also sent anonymously without any identifying information and will not be retained after the relevant information is sent to your device.

Arrivals Information

All arrivals information (i.e. the upcoming arrivals at a given stop) are from the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority's NextConnect service, which is operated independently of FutureSight Technologies.