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EasyTab is a high quality music editing program that allows you to effortlessly tranform easily inputted notes into guitar and harmonica tablatures.


EasyTab Pro is made for the needs of those who can read traditional music, but just don't like to play the guitar or harmonica having to read all of those notes. Instead, with EasyTab's easy-to-use interface, you can easily write a page of music for piano, guitar and harmonica, and have it printed or exported, in less than five minutes!

Adding and removing notes to your score is made ever so easy in EasyTab Pro. By putting the program in Add/Remove mode, you can simply click on the note staff to add the note in the right place! Keyboard shortcuts let you quickly change the note lengths, and everything is displayed in friendly graphic dialogues.

In addition to providing these essential features, EasyTab also boasts extended export abilities to different formats, automatic measure inserter, integrated playback in a wide variety of sounds, and quick printing with advanced layout options. For example, it is easy to export the guitar tab to a ASCII text file to post on ultimate-guitar or to send to your friends, without needing to have EasyTab installed!


EasyTab is available to you for the cheap price of 3.88 USD (or exchanged into whatever currency you prefer) with purchase via Paypal. Buy now, before the offer expires!

IMPORTANT: To successfully use EasyTab, you must first download the program from our mirror downloads and then buy an activation key through Paypal.

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After you buy the software, you will be emailed the product key.


Operating SystemWindows XP / Vista / 7
Software.NET Framework 4
Disk space4 MB