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Firedust is a graphic shell which should ideally run on top of Windows, created to provide you with just the right number of features. Best of all, it is completely free to try and use!


Firedust is an OS shell that runs right on top of Windows. It gets rid of all those annoying, time-wasting features, and adds a sleek interface which helps you get more work done in less time.

For once, you have before you an OS shell which you can actually live with: it's got all the different features, it's fast, and very personalised. It includes tons of different offline apps, and if those aren't enough you can make your own using two special languages native to the OS!

That's right. Because Firedust doesn't only make life easier for the average user, but promotes developing as an educational experience. That means two languages, two environments. Firedust includes a block-based developing interface for console applications, and a syntax-highlighting text editor for its brand-new "FireScript" programming language.

As soon as you open Firedust, you're only a couple clicks away from editing your favorite picture, or writing a letter to your dad. Firedust's innovative Sliding Menu will slide into view on mouseover without the need to click: or you can press the menu key on your keyboard to move the pointer there.

Ready to try this new software? Download the file now and fire up the program in seconds, to see the best shell of the 21st century.


Enjoy Firedust today from the link at the top of the page! The file is roughly 7MB.

Still unsure? For more information and screenshots, visit this page.


Operating SystemWindows XP / Vista / 7
Software.NET Framework 4
Disk space7 MB


Great shell, easy to use and has a state of the art UI.
I love it. Though the password feature is buggy if your password is really long.