Volume Indicator Popup

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Have a stylish popup tell you exactly what your volume level is, every time you change it!


Getting the exact volume level on Windows can be a hassle, especially when viewing videos or playing full screen games. That's where FutureSight Volume Indicator comes in: this free program allows you to know exactly how loud your computer is by displaying a popup every time your master volume is changed.

No installation is required; all you need to do is extract the two files in the zip into your Windows startup folder. The software works great and has been tested on all Windows platforms from Vista upwards, so download your volume indicator today!


Volume Indicator Utility is downloadable now completely free of charge.

IMPORTANT: To use this program, drag the two files contained in the downloaded ZIP folder into your user's startup folder (located in the start menu). To uninstall, remove those files.


Operating SystemWindows Vista / 7 / 8
Software.NET Framework 4
Disk space1 MB